Error while fetching recording by using meeting UUID

I have integrated API to automatically record all the Zoom Meeting and fetch them to archive the recording on our server

Sometimes, when we try to fetch the recording by using meeting UUID it gives the following message.
“code”: 3301,
“message”: “This recording does not exist.”
But if we try to fetch it by meeting Id recording is available. We verified that the URL are correct and recording are available in such case.
Also, this is random and does not happen for all meetings and there is no fixed pattern that we could decipher.

How to solve it?

Hi @PedaLiveClasses ,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Is it possible to share the UUID and ID for an instance where you ran into this issue? This will help us to take a closer look.


Yeah, we can share the UUIDs and IDs for such instances.

But this forum is publicly accessible.
We are not sure how secure it is to share these details here.
How can we share these details in private? Is there any way?

Hi @PedaLiveClasses ,

Please share these details with us at We will be happy to further investigate.


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