Retrieve a meeting's recordings


I’m trying to retrieve a meeting’s recording with the new API. I have verified that the recording exists by going to the Recording Management page. However, when I try to use the API, I get an error saying “There is no recording for this meeting”. We used to do this fine with v1 of the API but the same operation fails with v2.


This is the v2 API call we are using

Is there an undocumented parameter we are missing? What is the correct way to download recordings?


Is it a recurring meeting? You can use the recurrence ID to get the specific occurrences recording. 


It isn’t a recurring meeting. I found the issue. Some meeting ids have a / in them, which can’t be used in a url because of that reason. The work around is to url encode the meeting id, but Zoom’s API is not url decoding them. This is causing us lots of issues.