Getting Alternate Host Start URL Via API

When we create a meeting, we want to assign a few users as alternate hosts when those users try to access the meeting. Further, we want them to enter the meeting as alternate hosts. We attempted to do this by:

  1. Created the meeting, allowing registration and automatic approval.
  2. Registered a user for the meeting using ADD MEETING REGISTRANT.
  3. Took that same user’s email and did an UPDATE MEETING call, adding her as an Alternate Host.
  4. Used the URL generated for the meeting registrant and entered the meeting.

We would expect this user, who is using a URL generated specifically for them as a participant, and who is an Alternate Host in the meeting - would have Host privileges when entering the meeting.

The user did not have any host privileges in the meeting but looked like a normal participant.

Which Endpoint/s?

So - is it possible to:

  1. Create a meeting
  2. Add alternative hosts to that meeting.
  3. Use APIs to get start/join URLs that will take those individual alternative hosts into the meeting AS alternative hosts, instead of relying on an e-mail that will include a start/join URL?

Thank you

Hey @AAhmedPerdoceo,

You do not need to register an alternative host. Just add them as an alternative host directly.


Sure, but without a url that identifies that user specifically, and gives them the rights that their account has (as an alternate host), how can we have them get host rights in a chat?

We are trying to avoid:

  1. User having to explicitly register a login.
  2. User having to login to their zoom account

We currently:

  1. Create a licensed zoom user account for them via api.
  2. Add them as alternate hosts via api.
  3. Want to redirect them into the chat with rights (without them signing up/signing in/clicking an email link).

It is #3 that we are finding impossible. Is there a way to do this?


Hey @AAhmedPerdoceo,

For the alternative host to work, they must be signed into their Zoom account and then start the meeting.