Getting audio not found when selected Share system audio checkbox in Screen sharing - Entire window tab

Hi Team,

Few of students are unable to take the test, as we are getting audio not found response from Video SDK. This issue is not occuring for all the students.

When do we get audio not found response from Video SDK, even though microphone and video permission is allowed?

Kindly resolve this issue, in order for student to continue test taking.

Video SDK Type → Web
Video SDK Version → 1.5.1


Hey @sri.unique2004

Thanks for your feedback.

Starting from Video SDK Web 1.7.5, we support sharing tab audio and using a microphone simultaneously. But for sharing system audio, there’s still a limitation for using the microphone at the same time.

Here is guidance about how to handle this case properly.


Thanks for your response Vic.

We will refer to the link given, work on it and let you know if any further support required on this issue.