[Web SDK Client View v2.3.5] Other user's audio cannot be heard by the person sharing the screen with Share System Audio enabled

When “Entire Screen” or “Chrome Tab” is selected for screen sharing and “Share system audio” is enabled, the user with whom the screen is shared cannot be heard.

[Steps to Reproduce]

  1. Host: Joins the meeting from PC 1
  2. Guest: Joins the same meeting from PC 2
  3. Host: Starts screen sharing (either Entire screen or Chrome Tab) with Share System Audio Enabled
  4. Guest: Say something to the host

[Expected Result]

Host should still be able to hear the guest

[Actual Result]

Host cannot hear the guest talking


Sometimes we could make it work by clicking on share audio pause then play button but sometimes it does not work.


Could you please check it since this is affecting the meeting quality and user experience quite a lot ?

We can replicate this issue all the time. We have just had a meeting with two of your developer advocates and were told that this might be a bug so, could you please check it?

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Zoom’s support was not able to reply to our inquiry (according to technical support II they don’t have the appropriate tools to reproduce the issue by using the Zoom Web SDK sample web application)
Please check the details on the support ticket here

Can you please check & reproduce it from the Zoom sample apps and open an internal ticket to address it ?

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Hi @donte.zoom,

We have just confirmed that this is still happening on Web SDK 2.4.0. No update from the support ticket we reported. Can anyone else check it on Zoom side?


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This topic is not moving at all while it’s a critical issue within the web SDK.
Could you please take over this matter from our support ticket here ?

There is some historical exchange you should read first, because i suspect your Engineer support level 2 to send you incorrect / incomplete information everytime, leading to the current situation.
If the developer team can directly handle the ticket & give us directly their feedback without any intermediate corrupting the information, that would be great.


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@lfrancia, @nvivot,

Looking into this – will follow up with questions if needed.

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Many thanks !


@nvivot, @lfrancia,

Testing with the Web SDK 2.4.0, I was unable to locate the Share system audio feature shown in the screenshot. To make sure I was not missing anything, I also tested with the Web Client as well. The share system audio feature does not appear for both. Down below I’ve linked videos of my testing. Please review and let us know if anything is missed.

WED SDK 2.4.0: Share system audio feature Tst

Web Client : Share System Audio Test

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Thank you so much for testing it.
It looks like you are using Mac OS? According to one of Zoom Support member, Sharing System Audio is not yet supported on Mac. Could you please try on Windows instead?



As explained on the first post of this thread, here is where you find the option.

Now, as Lara explained as well, the option will be available for the “Entire screen” share only on MacOS.
If you are on Window (according to your video), you can still do it, but by selecting “Chrome Tab”.

Or as Lara reported, you can also switch on Mac.

@nvivot. @lfrancia,

I checked all available options in the video: Entire Screen, Window, and Chrome Tab. I’ll test further using the Chome tab as suggested, and also let me verify if support already tested this behavior with Windows. I will let you know what I find out.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Just to summarize and clarify our previous comments,

If you are using Mac OS, according to Zoom support, “Share System Audio” should not be available yet since it is not yet supported.

So, because of that, please test

  1. For MacOS: Chrome Tab
  2. For Windows: Entire Screen and Chrome Tab

Looking forward to your test results.


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