Getting {'code': 124, 'message': 'Invalid access token.'} when calling /chat/users/{userId}/messages/files. How to fix the problem?

Just this week I started getting the error {‘code’: 124, ‘message’: ‘Invalid access token.’} when calling /chat/users/{userId}/messages/files endpoing with an oauth access token. I am using this endpoint to upload a newly generated file on a callback call to my backend. I event tried revoking the token and using your sample application (zoomapps-sample-js) to generate access tokens to call the ‘files’ endpoint. Nothing seems to work.

{‘code’: 124, ‘message’: ‘Invalid access token.’} when calling both /chat/users/{userId}/messages/files and /chat/users/me/messages/files with a seemingly valid access token via Postman.

Hi @Staysmoon
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Are you still experiencing this issue or were you able to solve it?

Please, let me know if there is anything I can do to support you

Hi @elisa.zoom! Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the problem. Double checked it yesterday and still no result.

Thanks @Staysmoon
Could you please share with me how are you generating the access token that you are trying to use to call our Chat endpoints?
Also, what kind of application are you using to generate those access tokens?


I am generating the token according to zoom’s guidelines (OAuth with Zoom) with the ‘chat_message:write’ scope. As for the app itself, I am building a document management app (office editor) so this endpoint is cruicial to make it working.

Could you please share the complete request URL that you are sending when requesting the access_token please @Staysmoon

The URL is{code}&code_verifier={verifier}&redirect_uri={auth_redirect_uri}&grant_type=authorization_code (‘code’ and ‘verifier’ from redirect_uri when users authorize my app) @elisa.zoom

Hi @Staysmoon
Sorry for the late reply.
If you have not been able to fix this issue, I would recommend you look into this amazing guide written by one of my colleagues that is relevant to the issue you are facing: