Getting error [Error: Error: 4, internalErrorCode=0] after once the meeting is initialized but not able to join the meeting, ZoomUs.joinMeeting() is not getting called and giving the [Error: Error: 4, internalErrorCode=0]

I am not able to join the meeting with meetingNumber/password/username by calling the ZoomUs.joinMeeting() . The meeting is getting initialised but not able to join the meeting. This is happening is android devices .Below are the details :

Packages integrated :
“react-native-zoom-us”: “6.13.0”,
“react-native”: “0.66.5”,

Error Received :
[Error: Error: 4, internalErrorCode=0]

@kafqa this is a community wrapper which is not supported by Zoom

Nonetheless I took a quick look at 6.13.0, react-native-zoom-us - npm this version of community is associated with version of SDK which are no longer supported.

You might wanted to try using latest version of the community wrapper.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,

I’m also getting same error, but I’m not using any community wrapper, I just use your Android Meeting SDK downloaded folder.

@raman , please open a new thread if this is not related to the original topic on react native wrapper