Unable to Join the Zoom SDK meeting

We created a Meeting SDK app for Android application. Currently app is live, recently we noticed that we cannot join the Zoom meetings. While we tried to join the meetings, the meeting UI closed automatically. We are using the ZAK token to join the meeting.

We are getting the following error status and code while joining the Zoom meeting.

MEETING_STATUS_IDLE error code - 0 Internal error code - 0
MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING - error code - 0 internal error code - 0
MEETING_STATUS_FAILED - error code - 4 internal error code - 4

fun initializeZoomSDKForJoinMeeting(
    requestType: Int,
    zoomObj: Zoom?,
    context: Context,
    meetingDetailsId: String?
) {
    var sdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance()
    var sdkParams = ZoomSDKInitParams()
    sdkParams.appKey = CLIENT_ID
    sdkParams.appSecret = CLIENT_SECRET
    sdkParams.domain = "zoom.us"
    sdkParams.enableLog = false

    val initializeListener: ZoomSDKInitializeListener = object : ZoomSDKInitializeListener {
        override fun onZoomSDKInitializeResult(i: Int, i1: Int) {
            println("Initialized successfully")
            if (requestType == TeamsConfig.JOIN_MEETING) {
                AppUtils.getLoginUserName()?.let {
                        zoomObj?.zoomMeetingId.toString(), it, zoomObj?.password.toString(),
                        context, meetingDetailsId
                } ?: run {
                        context, deviceId, meetingDetailsId

        override fun onZoomAuthIdentityExpired() {}
    sdk.initialize(context, initializeListener, sdkParams)

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: [In all android mobiles ]
  • OS: [ Android 11 and above]

Please help us resolve this issue, suddenly we are unable to join the meeting.

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