Getting Error MobileRTCMeetError(rawValue: 152) while customising Waiting UI for iOS



I added Customized View Controller for WaitUI for iOS. So for that I added below code .

So first time it is showing_ZoomWaitingViewController, but after dissmissing  ZoomWaitingViewController, i could not able to start video visit . It is returning MobileRTCMeetError(rawValue: 152) . _

I checked Error codes also . 

100 + ConfigurationError + Reconnection error

    ///failed to reconnect meeting

    MobileRTCMeetError_ReconnectError                   = 2,

///Invalid Arguments

    MobileRTCMeetError_InvalidArguments                 = MobileRTCMeetError_WriteConfigFile + 100,


Added Call Back method to show WaitUI.

func onJBHWaiting(with cmd: JBHCmd) {

        switch cmd {

        case JBHCmd_Show:

            //Create ViewController


           let story = UIStoryboard.init(name: “Main”, bundle: nil )

           let vc = story.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: “WaitViewController”)

           self.present(vc, animated: false , completion: {

            print(“Waiting UI is loaded”)


        case JBHCmd_Hide:

            self.dismiss(animated: false , completion: {

                print("IT is dismissed ")


        default :







if you not login, you need respond delegate method:

  • (void)onJoinMeetingInfo:(MobileRTCJoinMeetingInfo)info

               completion:(void (^)(NSString *displayName, NSString *password, BOOL cancel))completion;

confirmed when user provide display name or meeting password, continue to join meeting.

You can refer to our sample code