Getting error while sending command {type: 'IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE', reason: 'cmd channel not ready'}

I need to send a command when a user joins a session, I’m sending this command after join() API is completed, but sometime I get this error:
type: 'IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE', reason: 'cmd channel not ready'
and sometimes there are no errors but still command is not received by other users.

Can you please let us know, what flags or conditions do we need to check before sending a command?

I want to conduct zoom sessions in relevance with my venture called Weld Callouts - Welding Standards & Engineering Drawings. Would you mind guiding my about the price for 100K people capacity?

Can someone please look into this?

Hey @shoaib

Sorry for reply you late.

We have found some issues with sending the command message, there is a workaround for Video SDK @1.2.3. Listen to the command-channel-status event, and until the event payload is 'Connected', then send the message.

We will resolve the timing issue internally in the Video SDK next release.


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