[RESOLVED] Version 10 and 11 Broke a feature


In version 9 when I send:

“zCommand Invite Duration: 30 user: c_nprxwmr5–zqjhtswpiq@xmpp.zoom.us\r”

My cell phone on android 4.1.17396.1218 will connect and join the meeting.

But starting with build 10 and 11, the phone now sits and waits for a meeting to enter even though zoom rooms app is fully baked in the meeting.  The phone never joins at all now.  ;-(

Thanks for the bug fix (ZRC dev team you guys are doing great) on something that was busted on a later version.


Dave: I investigate this problem, and I think that what probably happened is that the Zoom Room was in a meeting, and then you invited the cell phone using:

zCommand Invite Duration: 30 user: c_nprxwmr5–zqjhtswpiq@xmpp.zoom.us

But that command won’t work if the Zoom Room is already in a meeting: it will return a success code, then do nothing. Instead, use this command :

zCommand Call Invite Duration: 30 user: c_nprxwmr5–zqjhtswpiq@xmpp.zoom.us

I will add code so that the API returns an error if the ‘zCommand Invite’ is invoked while the Zoom Room is already in a meeting.


I checked in code to issue an error message when using zCommand Invite, while in a meeting.  The Zoom bug fix is ZOOM-34349. The fix will be in the next beta build.


You are right, somehow my stuff I know I wasnt in a meeting but I guess I may not have checked to see if my camera was on, but my UI was showing I wasnt in a meeting.  Right now it did work on a retest on beta11, but at least you have an error you are throwing now if it is in a meeting.