Getting MobileRTCMeetError.MobileRTCMeetError_InvalidArguments when joining a meeting


In the MobileRTCSample, it always return 150 when joining a meeting with no password. 

Here is the code fragment I used for the paramDict 

//            //For Join a meeting

            NSDictionary *paramDict = @{






I have also tried commenting out the line with pwd, it still returns 150. 


Any ideas? 


Are you sure that you set correct parameter while calling “joinMeetingWithDictionary:” interface? the following condition will return invalid parameter:

  1. parameter “dict” is nil;

  2. meeting number is empty/nil;

  3. SDK not authenticated before calling join meeting interface.

Please have a check.



I figured out what went wrong. 

I missed the setup of “kSDUserID” and “kSDKUserToken” in MainViewController.m