onJoinMeeting, response: 150

This response is seen in console when I select the “Join Meeting” button.
“onJoinMeeting, response: 150”

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Run in simulator in xcode 10.

Here is ViewController.m (didn’t name as MainController in my case)

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

Additional context
I have provided these in AppDelegate:
#define kSDKAppKey
#define kSDKAppSecret
#define kSDKDomain

Permissions have been created in info.plist as well.

Hi Tobiak,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The error code 150 means “Invalid Arguments”, the following 3 scenarios will trigger this error:

  1. If the paramDict is null or not valid
  2. If the meeting number is null or not valid(e.g: has length 0)
  3. If the domain(kSDKDomain) is null or not valid(e.g: has length)

The code snippet looks good, but I would suggest checking the above 3 scenarios. For #3, if the SDK is not proper initialized, then the domain will be invalid and get this error.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks, I had to initialize sdk this way;

[MobileRTC initializeWithDomain:kSDKDomain enableLog: NO ];

in my AppDelegate.m and I can join a meeting now.

I like to collect individual user names and parse along with “meetingNo” to “NSDictionary *paramDict” at the point of “joinMeeting”. I don’t want to use the static/literal specified as …#define kSDKUserName @“Superman” in MainviewController.h (for instance).

Any help or suggestion for this?

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply and glad to hear that the problem was resolved.

Regarding your follow up questions:

  • The #define kSDKUserName @"Superman" and all other static values are for demo purpose. We do not recommend hardcode anything in your code as well. Please see our disclaimer on this(We also have this in our doc):https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios#disclaimer
  • All parameters in the NSDictionary *paramDict are expecting NSString* values, thus as long as you pass the right data type values to the paramDict, the way of how you collects the values are pretty flexible. For example, you can ask the user to fill a form to collect the username and meeting number(like what we have in the demo) or you can get the data from you server, etc.

Hope this helps. Thanks!