Getting onZoomSDKInitializeResult, errorCode= 1 internalErrorCode= 0

this is my Constant Class

public interface Constants {

// TODO Change it to your web domain
String WEB_DOMAIN = "";

// TODO change it to your user ID
String USER_ID = "Your user ID from REST API";

// TODO change it to your token
String ZOOM_ACCESS_TOKEN = "Your zak from REST API";

// TODO Change it to your exist meeting ID to start meeting
String MEETING_ID = null;

 * We recommend that, you can generate jwttoken on your own server instead of hardcore in the code.
 * We hardcore it here, just to run the demo.
 * You can generate a jwttoken on the
 * with this payload:
 * {
 *     "appKey": "string", // app key
 *     "iat": long, // access token issue timestamp
 *     "exp": long, // access token expire time
 *     "tokenExp": long // token expire time
 * }
public final static String SDK_JWTTOKEN ="BC_WH6SQRIeJ7zWGR8goUQ";


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