Getting Prompted to "Leave Site" by Chrome

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meeting SDK Client View 2.9.7

After the Zoom JS files are loaded, any time we try to reload the page, when the meeting ends, etc, we get prompted by Chrome with the “Leave Site” popup. None of our code is using window.onbeforeunload.

Not an error, but this just spontaneously started to happen.

Troubleshooting Routes
We’ve combed through our code and searched everything we could for something that binds to the beforeunload event and confirmed we’re not using it, but we do see 2 references to beforeunload in the minified Zoom JS for 2.9.7.

How To Reproduce

  1. OAuth / Cleint View 2.9.7
  2. No errors
  3. Chrome all latest versions including 119
  4. End meeting for all, redirect to leaveUrl is interrupted by Chrome asking “Leave Site - Changes you made may not be saved.”

Any info on this from Zoom?

Additional information:

window.onbeforeunload handler is only bound in Chrome. It never shows up in Firefox. It is only populated after the Zoom JS files are loaded. Aside from destroying the binding manually, is there a setting in Zoom or the SDK that can turn this on and off?