Getting The host has another meeting in progress error while using Account-level app

Hello everyone,

I want to develop an application where a specific user will have the ability to schedule a ZOOM MEET with another user. As far as I could discover, when creating OAuth 2.0, I have the option to choose between:

  1. Account-level app
  2. User-managed app

For testing, I chose the Account-level app and I managed to implement the API into my project to see the advantages of WebHook. However, my problem is that when I create one meeting with these details:

  "topic": "Test1",
  "type": "2",
  "start_time": "2023-08-03T14:40:00",
  "duration": "5",
  "timezone": "Europe/Budapest",
  "password": "pass123",
  "agenda": "Test",
  "settings": {
    "join_before_host": true,
    "host_video": true

(I set join_before_host to true because the goal of the application is for other users to be able to create a meeting for each other, I as the ADMIN of the application do not have to attend the MEET at all)

I can successfully access it using join_url. However, when I create another one and try to enter it, then it says “The host has another meeting in progress”.

Is it possible for me with an Account-level app to create more meets via the API and for users to access those meets?

Also I saw that there is the option called alternative_host but for that I have to invite people to my “organization” so if I for example buy Business package that mean that 10-99 user will be able to host meet with another user ?
And after each user can schedule X meetings with the other user ?