Getting the meeting id for retrieving the recorind file

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How can I get the meeting_id value with the android sdk?

I need this value to later call this endpoint with the REST api to retrieve the meeting’s cloud recording file


Hi Meir,

You can use the list API and pass the meeting number to filter, then you’ll get a list of the available recordings.


Thanks Joshua,

Are you a zoom developer? if so, this is a very poor solution.

There should be a way to get the exact id and not an approximation based on time calculations.



Hi Meir,

there is an API:getCurrentMeetingID in the MeetingService class, please take a look.


Hi Wei,

The REST api requires a meeting id that look like a string value. something like “c8PuHhpDR+iiQ0QCSUuJYA==”

The method getCurrentMeetingID() return a long.

Is this the same id?



Mind you that what’s needed is the meeting unique id and not the room number

Hi Meir,

same meeting ID(for example PMI) could have different UUID. If you want to get UUID you can take a look at meeting/get.


It would be great to get the meeting’s uuid through the android sdk and not just the REST api.


Hi Meir,

Thanks for the feature request. We will add this to our roadmap and will keep you posted when it’s available.