Getting trouble with the integration of the video SDK in ios

I have followed every steps in the documentation and installed the SDK for ios.
I am unable to build the react-native project in the Xcode the version of the Xcode is 13.4.1.
I have tried all the solution’s i could find online but there was on luck solving it.

Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_ZoomVideoSDKVideoOptions
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_ZoomVideoSDKAudioOptions
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_ZoomVideoSDK
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_ZoomVideoSDKInitParams

Which React Native Video SDK version?
I am using the version1.2.0 for the react-native Video SDK version.

Video SDK Code Snippets:-
There is no Snippets to provide.

Error ScreenShot.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):-

  • Device: iPhone 13
  • OS: iOS 16.1.1

Hi there! Thanks for your post. I will look at this and see if I can figure out the issue.

The latest version is 1.5.3 - would it be safe to assume you tried that and it also didn’t work?

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