Getting video or webcam snapshot of each participate

Hi guys,

I’m doing this idea for my college course. Basically the idea is to gather info of each students webcam and analyse if they are looking at the screen or not (paying attention). During this time the lecturer is usually screen sharing so takes up the screen. Is there a way to

  1. Access the live feed or record just peoples webcams?


  1. Have it so it goes through each user webcam and take screenshots in intervals of X amount?

With this I would then be able to use the with video or screenshots to analyse. I seen somewhere you may be able to use DOM on the web zoom to get canvas snapshot, but not sure if its possible to go through 70 odd participates webcam.

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Hey @karl.duignan,

At the moment, I’m afraid it’s not possible to access the video data feed in real time, nor by individual participant—though this is a great suggestion.

Currently, your best bet would be to consider utilizing our Cloud Recording functionality and a 3rd party tool to analyze video afterwards.

Having said this, it’s a really cool use case. If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend posting a feature request here: #feature-requests



Perfect thank you for the clarification! I was wondering is there any way you know you can use part of the sdk to say gather each users id then like also use the id to tell a program I built to like enlarge their webcam by user id with the sdk and I could then utilize my own program to screenshot it, so essentially if it’s possible to change who to focus on or who to set as the main view etc by use of the sdk? So could like almost gather all user IDs then loop through screenshoting in intervals? I appreciate any help

Hey @karl.duignan,

Another great question—unfortunately, it’s possible to manipulate the the webcam scope or participant frame in the Web SDK at the moment. While this is another great suggestion, I should note that in the near future we intend to greatly expand the customization opportunities in the Zoom SDK, and this kind of thing will be possible in the future.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions about this!


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