How can i record one particular user streaming in gallery view

We are integrating Video SDK into our web application with web platform using REACT JS. While recording the zoom video session in our web application, it captures the active speaker screen. Based on our requirement we need only one particular participant’s screen alone to be recorded and we need your help in how to pin that particular participant’s video in the video SDK and also where we can modify those gallery view settings.

** Web Video SDK version**
version : 1.5.1

Hi there! I’m digging into this today - from what I can find, it would appear that you can only modify a few options, but I can’t find where to pass options into the recording. I’ll let you know when I have more.

Hi thanks for your reply. Is it possible to Spotlight one user in current video sdk version can i know. Where can i find the gallery view settings for cloud recording.

This page details how you might switch between users for the full-screen display -

You may be able to modify your app’s code to always to pick a specific user, and not allow it to be picked.

Ok - so you can update the video SDK settings using an API call here -

Search/find the phrase “Update Video SDK Account Settings” on the page - that will provide the full list you can modify.

Hi @kellyjandrews thanks for your update, now the Gallery view recording is working fine. How can i SPOTLIGHT one participent while recording in WEB Platform .

Ah sorry - I misread that as React Native - good news, they are similar :slight_smile:

You can use this guide to understand how to render participant videos. From here, you’ll need to select the participant you want using the userId and generate it wherever you’d like.

If this isn’t answering your question - I’m not exactly sure what you are asking.

@kellyjandrews thanks for that info,

Is it possible to record only one participant video streaming in video sdk, when multiple participants are in the same session.

The Video SDK options for recording are minimal - you can select to record the active speaker, gallery, and screen sharing. You cannot select a specific user in the settings, and the startCloudRecording method doesn’t take any parameters.

If you have the specific userID, and render it to the gallery view alone, you should be able to record just that user.

So, to pin the recording to a participant, isolating it as the active speaker or gallery would require custom code in your app.

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