Getting webhook events on revoking the access

App - OAuth

I’ve created an oauth app, subscribed to some webhook events and installed that, things are working fine. But when I call revoke access endpoint for that app, it gets succeeded, but even after that, getting the webhook. Do we need to do something more here to unsubscribe the webhook, once anyone uninstalls the app?


Hi @Sneh

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, are you still experiencing this issue?
Have you tried turning off the feature Event subscriptions from your app?


Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Thanks for the response.
We want to check this with keeping the Webhook Events Subscription on, and also, we can’t turn that off for now as it might block us there. Also, when we call revoke access token and it gets uninstalled, and when again try to install that, it asks for the whole permission, which implies that our revoke access was successful.


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