Getting Webinar Attendance Information

Hi – we’ve been using this call:

GET /v1/webinar/attendees/list?api_key=xxxx&api_secret=xxxxxx&id=263649542&host_id=FM-mFqSaRCej80v_rlHJHw&uuid=UTF-8

it tells me there are 22 attendees (correct), but it tells me that no one attended (incorrect) - there were 5 attendees.

When I look in the documentation, I see all of the v2 documentation - but I do not see a way to get the attendees in the v2 list of API calls… Is there one and I’m missing it?

Or should this one continue to work?


Hi Kim,

The v1 API is currently deprecated and we no longer provide support to it. We would recommend you to use the V2 api, and if you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to us.


Hi @Kim_Albee,

To get the webinar attendees you can take a look at our Retrieve Webinar Participants API[0].

[0] -