Do we have import attendance api available for webinars?


Hi Team,


Is there api available to get attendance of participants  for Webinars or meetings




You could use the meeting/webinar participants report. This will tell you who attended and then you could cross reference against the registrants. 


Hi Tim, 


so right now there no REST api available to fetch who attended webinar?


The API i gave you would do that. If they didn’t participate they wouldn’t be counted as an attendee. 



Oh got it Thanks Tim


Hi Tim!

Is there any way to retrieve attendees who haven’t attended? I can do this with CSV report (“Attendee Report” option) but when I am fetching data using ‘report/webinars/{webinar_id}/participants’ endpoint I am getting only those users who attended. How can I fill this gap using REST API?


So basically I need a replacement for this API from v1: ‘


Hi Roman, 

For a V2 replacement for, you can use -



Hi Michael,

Thanks for you reply. I’ve already tried to use this endpoint as well. But it returns me only 4 registrants out of 600 records I see in CSV. I am afraid there is some bug in the code.


Regards, Roman