Getting webinar attendee data after registration

Hi Developer forum,

We have created a connection between Zoom and the Marketing Automation platform Salesforce Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement).

It all works well except not being able to get real-time updates of those who have attended the webinar after registering as the email address is not mandatory when attending but we do need that for Pardot to update data as unique identifier.

  • After registration, We also need to get the information of people attending the webinar. For this purpose there is an API available from Zoom but this API does not respond with the email address of all people attending the webinar unless registration is made mandatory. Is there a way that while attending the webinar we can make email addresses mandatory so we cannot skip this field and we can directly land them to fill in this information and this API can then send this to us.

  • Without receiving the email address from Zoom we cannot run our process inside Pardot to see against which Prospect we need to create external activity. Email is a unique parameter for us. (API: Zoom Meeting API )

Zoom’s own available app in the market place to connect to Pardot allows for a list to be created based on registration / attendance / no show and I’m wondering which API request is used there to achieve that result.

Many thanks


If I’m understanding the use case correctly, you need a way to collect webinar attendee’s emails and get real-time updates of who registered and/or who attended the webinar. If that is correct we absolutely support these cases.

Starting from the top – when a webinar is created, you have the ability to require registration. You also have the ability to auto approve registrants as part of the webinar creation settings. This setting is particularly helpful if you’re just interested in capturing the data and not concerned with who should be approved/denied.

Zoom provides a default registration UI where email is a required field, or you can choose to build your own registration page and utilize the add webinar registrant api where you can require additional fields and even create custom questions that you require from the participants.

Post registration, you can capture the emails of your registrants using the list webinar registrants api.

In terms of real-time updates, we offer a suite of webinar webhooks. With this you can subscribe to various events like webinar.created, webinar.registration_created, webinar.ended, etc. It’s fairly common of our developers to subscribe to the webinar.ended webhook as a trigger to go fetch attendee information.

Is there a way that while attending the webinar we can make email addresses mandatory

Without registration, the only way I can think of to gather attendees emails during the webinar is through creating webinar polls, and hoping the attendees participate. We can’t force attendees to participate in polls but we can ask!

To sum it up, if you want Zoom to return your attendees emails through various APIs, we have to receive them first. :slight_smile: