Granular Scopes doesn't Work

Hi @sobold , @gianni.zoom ,

Was the situation resolved regarding the role scope?

We are in the same situation as Dmitri: we cannot access the user role (not phone but user) via the API due to the missing scope and are looking forward to a solution.

Hi @sobold please check the email you shared for correspondence with support regarding your ticket (TS1232394).

@quang.le I private messaged you, please check! Thanks!

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Also confirm you were able to give user permissions to the role. See here: Internal apps (Server-to-server)

Hello @gianni.zoom, as confirmed in the PM, I can give the permissions to the role according to the document Internal apps (Server-to-server)

Hi @quang.le , the role scopes should be available to add for the app now. Can you please confirm?

Hi @gianni.zoom, thank you for the message.
Indeed we tested our application again, and the role scopes are available and our connector is working with the new granular scopes app correctly.

We have a major concern regarding the maximum number of scopes per application though. Is there any temporary limit imposed per application? Or an application could have as many scopes as needed?

Thank you very much again

Right now if we reach 50 selected scopes, all are grayed out and we cannot add anything else.

Hi @quang.le the 50 scope limit was a breaking change but it will be corrected in an upcoming release soon!