GraphQL with Granular Scopes

Hi all,

I’m having trouble trying to get my previously working GraphQL query with granular scopes.

My query looks like this:

“{metricsZoomRooms(first:200) { edges { camera deviceIp email health id issues lastStartTime location microphone roomName speaker status } pageInfo { cursor hasNextPage } } }”

I’ve tried numerous scopes with no success, including the scope defined in the GraphQL scopes list.

GraphQL Object Scope Permission
metricsZoomRooms dashboard_zr:read:admin dashboard:read:admin DashboardZR:Read
metricsZoomRoomIssues dashboard_home:read:admin DashboardHome:Read

In granualr scopes, that translates to:

dashboard:read:list_zoomrooms:admin View Zoom Room metrics
dashboard:read:issues_zoomroom:admin View Zoom Room issues

I always get the return:

“{"errors":[{"message":"Invalid access token, metricsZoomRooms field does not contain required scopes.","locations":[{"line":512,"column":5}],"path":["/metricsZoomRooms"],"extensions":{"errorType":"NO_SCOPE"}}],"data":{"metricsZoomRooms":null}}”

Any ideas please?


@paul.leach is this only with the Zoom Rooms or is it happening to others as well?

Thanks for the response!

Our application only uses the Zoom Room endpoints. We are using some others that are working fine.

Those are:


It’s just this GraphQL query we are having issues with.

Hi @paul.leach @ojus.zoom ,

Confirmed with our eng team that graphql is not supported with granular scopes at this time. Support for granular scopes is tbd.

Thank you for the response. We are engaging now with one of your colleagues to find a solution.

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