"Guest Mode" banner overlay cutting off a portion of the app

When using the app in guest mode, there is a small “Guest Mode” banner that is displayed up top. This is fine, but the problem is that this banner overlays the content of the app window so that a small portion of our app is cut off.

Are there plans to address this so that it is not an overlay before this is released for GA? Or barring that, does the banner have a constant height that we can use to push down our content by that much?

Thanks in advance.

Also, there seems to be a bug with the banner overlay if the app is popped out and the app window is resized. I was going to post a gif of it, but it seems we can’t upload any media with our posts.

@shawn.nikkila What platform are you using when you see this issue? Windows, macOS, or both? Likewise, are you still running into this behavior?

@MaxM Nope, seems to have been fixed in the latest Zoom client. Thanks for following up.

@shawn.nikkila Awesome, I’m glad to hear it was fixed.