ShareApp always very small?

Zoom Apps Configuration
Zoom Client 5.11.10 (latest), only Windows!

When calling “shareApp” from a Zoom app, the shared app screen is always very small (same size like the sidebar). Is that a bug in the Zoom client or did anybody else have the same issue?
The error does only occur on Windows! On Mac, everything is ok.

How To Reproduce

  1. call “shareApp” method from a Zoom App.
  2. Observe that the shared app is always very small (same size like the sidebar). Even if you make it larger afterwards → If you start sharing again, it will be small again.

Was able to reproduce. Reaching out to the client team to see if they consider this a bug.

Thanks, @ash.provost !
If there is no workaround for the developers, I would definitely consider it a bug because it really disrupts the user experience of our Zoom App, which relies on shareApp(). The fact that this only occurs on Windows and not on Mac might be another argument for the client team to consider this a bug. :wink:

They consider this a bug and will likely fix within the next client release 5.12

thank you, this is awesome!

@sebastian1 an update here: this will be addressed in 5.12.6 which is scheduled to release on Nov 6th, and not earlier than that because there are many edges to test and cover here. Appreciate your patience.

thanks for the update!