Zoom App Disappears on Windows when Popped Out

Zoom Apps Configuration
React app, on Windows running 5.11.4
Default Zoom settings:
Window size when screen sharing set to “Fullscreen Mode”

When a Zoom App is popped out, and someone shares their screen, the app disappears and is not easily findable.

The Zoom App is hard to locate for users (guest or non-guest). In some cases it’s not possible to find unless you close and reopen the app tray.

In the case where a user is signed out of Zoom then they won’t be able to reopen the app.

How To Reproduce

  1. Open Zoom on a Windows machine
  • ensure Window size when screen sharing is set to “Fullscreen mode”
  1. Open a Zoom App on the same machine
  2. Pop out the Zoom App so it’s in it’s own window
  3. Have the meeting host screen share

In the video you’ll see the issue reproduced as well as a mitigation pathway that disables the fullscreen takeover when someone else shares their screen. The mitigation pathway is a workaround.

@taylorm Sorry for the delay here, are you still seeing this with the latest version of the Zoom Client? Likewise, is this only happening on Windows?

Hey Max, yes this continues to happen and is causing our Windows users to lose the app when they transition between breakout rooms and the main room. Also, we’ve noticed odd behavior when screen sharing to a windows user where their full screen is taken over by the screen share, then when the share is stopped their Zoom app is backgrounded.

Here are some quick tips that you can follow fixes here one by one and check if the disappeared meeting shows up:

Quit Zoom Meeting application and re-sign in.
Uninstall and reinstall the Zoom Meeting application, and log in.
Check if the meeting is expired.
Recreate a new Zoom meeting.

This may help you,
Rachel Gomez

Hi Rachel,

This issue persists on both operating systems and is easily reproducible by initiating screen share.

Zoom’s default is to take over a persons screen. When that happens the app tray gets backgrounded - regardless if it’s popped out beforehand or not.

We tested this on our team on Windows 5.11.3 (7123) and can reproduce what you see. We will flag as a bug for our client team

Great find @taylorm +1 from Team Warmly to fix!