Zoom App Disappears on Windows when Popped Out

Zoom Apps Configuration
React app, on Windows running 5.11.4
Default Zoom settings:
Window size when screen sharing set to “Fullscreen Mode”

When a Zoom App is popped out, and someone shares their screen, the app disappears and is not easily findable.

The Zoom App is hard to locate for users (guest or non-guest). In some cases it’s not possible to find unless you close and reopen the app tray.

In the case where a user is signed out of Zoom then they won’t be able to reopen the app.

How To Reproduce

  1. Open Zoom on a Windows machine
  • ensure Window size when screen sharing is set to “Fullscreen mode”
  1. Open a Zoom App on the same machine
  2. Pop out the Zoom App so it’s in it’s own window
  3. Have the meeting host screen share

In the video you’ll see the issue reproduced as well as a mitigation pathway that disables the fullscreen takeover when someone else shares their screen. The mitigation pathway is a workaround.