Guest Mode: x-zoom-app-context header is missing

Hi, we noticed some issues when an unauthenticated user signs into an account that already has our app installed (i.e. going from unauthenticated to authorized status):

  1. Our app reloads automatically in Zoom client, but x-zoom-app-context header in request is still missing even though the user is authorized.
  2. onMyUserContextChange event does not fire in this scenario.

Could someone help check on this? Thank you!

@so-young What platform are you seeing this behavior on? Windows, macOS, or both?

@MaxM Hi, I’m seeing this on macOS.

@so-young When it comes to the issue with the context header, how are you checking for the header? In my testing I haven’t seen this behavior.

For the onMyUserContextChange, you may have to call the config function again: ZoomSdk | @zoom/appssdk - v0.16.0

Let me know if that helps.