Guest Mode: x-zoom-app-context header is missing

Hi, we noticed some issues when an unauthenticated user signs into an account that already has our app installed (i.e. going from unauthenticated to authorized status):

  1. Our app reloads automatically in Zoom client, but x-zoom-app-context header in request is still missing even though the user is authorized.
  2. onMyUserContextChange event does not fire in this scenario.

Could someone help check on this? Thank you!

@so-young What platform are you seeing this behavior on? Windows, macOS, or both?

@MaxM Hi, I’m seeing this on macOS.

@so-young When it comes to the issue with the context header, how are you checking for the header? In my testing I haven’t seen this behavior.

For the onMyUserContextChange, you may have to call the config function again: ZoomSdk | @zoom/appssdk - v0.16.0

Let me know if that helps.

Hi @MaxM thanks for your reply! We’re checking for the header like this:

x-zoom-app-context header is still missing when app is reloaded automatically by Zoom - could you help check on this again?

@so-young When you say the user signs in to their account, are you are they logging in via their browser, the client or something else?

I initially tested by logging in via the browser and opening an app but I’m wondering if that’s different than what you’re encountering.

Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue just to make sure we’re on the same page?