Handling of Keyboard Shortcut Conflicts

Our Zoom App embeds a complex web app with a number of keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for users. These are leveraged for both accessibility and by power users.

A number of these shortcuts conflict with some of Zoom’s keyboard shortcuts. Often resulting in a system tone for a shortcut being invalid at the time someone is trying to use it. Example: Space bar for changing navigation in our app triggers push to talk for Zoom.

Are there any plans or guidance for handling this type of a situation? Not necessarily an override to allow our keyboard shortcuts to take precedence but maybe a way we can at least notify to users why they might not be getting the experience they are expecting.

@tgaudette We don’t have a method to determine when the user presses one of these keys so that your app could notify them. However, the solution here may be to display a dialog when launch from Zoom notifying your users of potential hotkey changes.

However, in my testing I haven’t seen issues with event listeners when using the spacebar. Can you expand on how I can reproduce this issue? I’ll test on my end.