Zoom teams Chat app shortcuts are not available in the messages sent to bot

We have created a “Teams Chat App” to send the chat messages to our users.
Below zoom APIs we are using to send messages to zoom bot.

We are also using the App Shortcut feature that allows the shortcuts on the compose box and messages three dot options.

The shortcuts are available on user’s sent messages three dot option but the same is not available on the messages sent using the API

Screenshot of messages sent via API - The App shortcuts are not available:

Screenshot of messages sent by user in chat app - The App shortcuts are available:

Can I have some guidance on the above problem?

Hi Joye,

It looks like you’re experiencing an issue with the App Shortcut feature not being available on messages sent via API. Have you tried reaching out to the Zoom support team for assistance with this issue? They may be able to provide additional guidance and troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the issue. You can contact the Zoom support team through their website or by submitting a ticket through your Zoom account. Additionally, you may want to review the Zoom API documentation to ensure that you have implemented the feature correctly.

Bryce June