Help embed zoom meeting with javascript cdn

Hi @tommy It’s me again.
I public your zoom cdn to server .Net ,return to partialView and show with Iframe it is not working share screen and camera.

how do I can fix it. Please help me this issuse.
My website is Http :
That Links are block with http ?
My localhost start Ok


my localhost :

Hey @lovenco0410,

If I understood your problem correctly, here is my analogy

Possible Reasons:

  1. The browser may block https (secure origin) calls from an insecure domain. An exception lies with localhost:
  2. By default localhost is considered to be a “secure domain”, to encourage testing of secured features on a test domain (like notifications, camera usage, microphone usage, geolocation usage, filesystem usage etc).
  3. These permissions will not run from an insecure domain with http:, and you need a VALID CERTIFICATE FOR THE SAME.
  • I run a public domain at both in http and https. I have tested some features actually are unstable with http:, but works fine with https:.

The ReCaptcha Issue

Please refer to this article:

A quote from the document

As of version 1.7.9, meeting participants might see a reCAPTCHA check to join meetings.
To ensure this check is working, run your application on port 80 or 443.
On successful join methods, participants might see a pop up modal with a reCAPTCHA check.
After participants successfully complete reCAPTCHA, they will enter the meeting.

Similar Topics:

Some ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID reports are here. Please refer:

Iframe Issue

And yes, as you mentioned iframe. Zoom does not promote anyway embedding meeting in an iframe. Hence they have a fully working WebSDK to use. Using that you can “EMBED” any ongoing meeting anywhere.

Possible Iframe Alternative

However to show a “LIVE FEED” of your meeting, without having to let participants be a part of it, you can use Live Streaming (Paid Feature). See these articles:

You will find this feature at:
Live Streaming of a meeting, source:

Also if you still need help regarding any more documentations:

  1. WEB SDK
  1. API

If you have any more problems or queries just feel free ask more, and I would be happy to help

Stay Safe and Happy Zooming!!
Best Wishes,
Anweshan (@anweshan)

Thank you so much . I understand. I’m using iframe because my project is using material angular but this zoom is using react-bootstrap . that conflic css

I’m glad to hear that @anweshan was able to help! Let us know if you have any questions @lovenco0410


I want to leave meeting in then parent window Iframe.
Please help me need to trigger what event ?

Hey @lovenco0410 ,

Checkout the leaveMeeting function in our Web Client SDK reference:


If I use SDK, the css in my angular using material and your css (react-bootstrap )was conflict… Could you help me resolved it @tommy


Hey @lovenco0410,

Unfortunately, this is outside of what we can help support currently. However, we do plan to update the dependencies we use as we release new versions of the Web SDK.

In the meantime, please see our Sample Angular App for a reference of how you can implement this.


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