Help migrating from JWT to Meeting SDK

Hi friends. I am just having a nightmare trying to make my app work again. Let me explain my current method (which is not working now):

I used to get a token using the hash_hmac method ‘{“alg”:“HS256”,“typ”: “JWT”}’, the header and the envelope. With that token I could call the API to get my user_id. It worked fine for 2 years until some days ago.

I understand I must migrate from JWT app to Meeting SDK, which I already did already, I got my SDK Key & Secret. Now I changed the token creation to use the new envelope example {“appKey”:“MY-API-KEY”,“iat”:1673498323,“exp”:1673584723,“tokenExp”:1673584723} but I keep getting Invalid Access Token.

I am no zoom expert, I just got the basics on PHP (I use server to server API calls with CUrl). And, as I said, it has been working for so much time and now it does not. First I got the user ID, then I could create a zoom meeting with, then finally I used some javascript to join the meeting in our site.

Sorry to post it but I have been googling for hours and I have no clue why this is not working with the new Meeting SDK.

Thank you!

which Zoom Meeting SDK are you use?

@neojav123 Hope you will be fine.

Here are the sessions regarding OAuth :point_down:

Zoom Integration OAuth App Part 1
Zoom Integration OAuth App Part 2

Here :point_down: are the sessions regarding how to schedule meetings using REST API

Create Zoom Meeting - (REST API)
How to Create password less Zoom Meeting -(REST API)
How to Enable Zoom Meeting Registration - (REST API)

Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

If still any query please ask. Thanks

Hi Jürgen.

I did my own Meeting SDK APP as I did before with the JWT.

It was so easy to use JWT, as I could do, in the PHP back end, all the bussiness rules, then I could fire the creation of the zoom meeting using my API Key and Secret. No interactions at all.

Well now I created my Meeting SDK App, took the key and secret, but the change is not straightforward. I hoped just to replace the JWT apikey and secret with the meeting Sdk ones, but did not work.

Thank you very much for reading me.

@neojav123 ,

Happy to help here. First, can you share which App type you are currently using to Authorize the SDK and make requests against the Zoom API to create meetings?

Thank you my friend. Yes. I uploaded a picture. I used to use the one in the red box (working since 2 years ago until last week). Now I try to use the blue one, as I read in the documentation. Thank you!

@neojav123 ,

Thanks for the response! Below are a couple paths you can consider. Please also take a look at our JWT app type migration guide and let me know if you have any questions.

JWT app type migration guide

:pushpin: For example, if you are looking to use the Meeting SDK and Zoom Rest APIs without leveraging OAuth flow, you can consider the following Marketplace App types:

Server-to-Server App (JWT Replacement ) and Meeting SDK Marketplace App.

Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app

Create a Meeting SDK App

:pushpin: Alternatively, if you are looking to use the Meeting SDK and Zoom Rest APIs with OAuth flow, you can achieve that with just the Meeting SDK Marketplace App as Zoom generates the following credentials:

  • SDK credentials to authenticate your app with Zoom. You can also use these credentials to anonymously join a meeting with the meeting number and passcode.
  • OAuth credentials that you can use to access Zoom APIs.

Let me know if this helps.

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