Very Urgent on priority resolution needed on JWT Meeting Join issue

Very Urgent on priority resolution needed on JWT Meeting Join issue

@trechtoapp could you elaborate what’s the urgency and issue?

Please refer screenshot, i have used JWT

@trechtoapp ,

So you have used JWT App type for Web SDK Auth, and it has stopped working?

There is a minimum version requirement rolled out on 5th August. Web SDK version 2.6.0 and below are no longer supported, and has stopped working.

You will so to complete the below task

  1. Use a newer version of Meeting SDK for Web. Preferably 2.14.0
  2. Create a Meeting SDK Account
  3. Sign the JWT Token to authenticate Point 1, using Client ID and Client Secret from Point 2.

Not able to understand.
Can you please give details of above.

I have used latest Version Library

@trechtoapp ,

You cannot use JWT app type any more. You will need to use Meeting SDK app type for 2.14.0

This guide will help you

Not able to integrate above need developer support.

@trechtoapp ,

let me know if you have more questions regarding the issues you have with integration. I’ll be more than happy to help.

Meanwhile if you need dedicated developer support, do check out the plans below

Premier Developer Support | Zoom already requested but not proceeds to next.

No resolution daily wasting too much time.


Do you already have an account and is there a Zendesk ticket number?

bellow is the Id #17787988

@trechtoapp , I understand your issue.

This is because Web SDK version 2.7.0 onwards no longer support JWT App Type.
You will need to use a Meeting SDK App instead

There is an error message “using a Zoom JWT App Type API key is no longer available…” here which mentions it as well


Here’s a more detailed guide on how to update your application

  1. Clone this nodejs project GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-auth-endpoint-sample: Generate a Meeting SDK JWT to join Zoom meetings and webinars with the Meeting SDK. This project provides you with a sample on how to generate your JWT token, and provides a HTTP POST REST endpoint for your applicaiton to get the JWT token.

  2. Enter your SDK Key + SDK Secret or Client ID + Client Secret in the .env file

  3. Host the nodejs project on a server.

  4. On your trechto web application, make a HTTP POST to the hosted project in step 3. This will fetch the JWT Token which is used for SDK authentication

    I’m doing something like this for the HTTP POST.

        // sample payload to send to the web service
          var payload = {
            meetingNumber: 123123123,
            role: 1 //role 1 is host, role 0 is participant
    const signature =fetch('', {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json'
          body: JSON.stringify(payload)
  5. Use the JWT token from step 4 to join/start your meeting on your trechto web app. I’m doing something like this. Instead of using JWT token, it is using Signature instead.

          userName: meetingConfig.userName,
          signature: signature,
          sdkKey: meetingConfig.sdkKey,
          userEmail: meetingConfig.userEmail,
          passWord: meetingConfig.passWord,
          success: function (res) {
            console.log("join meeting success");
            console.log("get attendeelist");
              success: function (res) {
                console.log("success getCurrentUser", res.result.currentUser);
          error: function (res) {

I hope that helps!

Hello i have successfully integrated server-to-server oAuth type in my php web portal and i am able to create new meetings, host meetings and join meeting.
for creating meeting i have used this api. make sure this is correct.

and let you confirm, what above i have done, is it migration?
if no, then let me know what will be process…
Thank you.

@trechtoapp , thats right.

Are you using the Web SDK btw? If you are you need to create a Meeting SDK App Type, and authenticate your Web SDK using the Client ID and Client Secret.

Tag me if you need my response.