Help with meeting link

We recently needed to change the password for our meeting.

I just want to confirm, does that mean that the link for the meeting
also changes and so we then need to re-distribute the new link
to those people who need it? Or, does the SAME link
continue to work?

Hi @sschuyler94704,

I’ve replied to you here:

Please try not to double post :slight_smile:


Hey @sschuyler94704,

What @alexmayo said is correct.


OK, let me be more specific to be sure we are on the correct same page.

I am part of an organization that we have weekly meetings.
We use the SAME link each week to launch the meeting.

We invite people to be speakers for us at these meetings.

So, this meeting and the link was created last year (2020).
Just last week we changed the password (March 31, 2021).

So, let’s say that next week I reach out to YOU and invite you to be a speaker at my meeting NEXT week that means you have not yet got an invitation. I would be sending you one TONIGHT for the first time.

So, in this case, since I am sending you an invitation TODAY, would I need to send you the NEW link or would the OLD link work?

I THINK I know the answer… Our last meeting leader had an issue with his speaker being able to log on who had the OLD link. So, that tells me all future invitations need to be done with the NEW link. Do I have that right?

Hey @sschuyler94704,

Yes you have that right.


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