OAuth with zoom - redirect uri is not used for redirect

Hi, I’m currently working on an OAuth application with Zoom. Here the error occurs that the redirect Uri I specified is not accepted, but I am sent back to the zoom page.

My Request URL: https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize?client_id=XXX&response_type=code&redirect_uri=http://localhost:8080/vccfg/login/oauth2/code/zoom&state=XXX

Location I get send to after the request: http://zoom.us/vccfg/login/oauth2/code/zoom?code=XXX

Screenshot from my browser:

The error only occurs when using “localhost:8080/vccfg/login/oauth2/code/zoom” as redirect uri. As soon as an external redirect uri like “XXX.xxx/vccfg/login/oauth2/code/zoom” is used the redirect works correctly.

Is there an explanation or solution for this behavior?

Hey @ohagen,

This thread may help you.

Hi @tommy,

thanks for the reference.

I could solve the problem by replacing localhost:8080 with

Hey @ohagen,

Happy to help!

Does that solution work for you?

I used ngrok , but this didnt helped

Hey @ekotanjyan,

Please share details about your issue so I can help debug.


Hi @tommy

This solution for using ngrok does not work for me locally when setting up OAuth for a private application. I’m getting this error when I attempt step number 2 “Request Access Token” from marketplace oauth guide. I find it very odd I’m able to get through step 1 using the redirect_uri value but now I get this error here. This is becoming frustrating to setup as I’m blocked by this I need to gain the user’s access token to continue on with integration feature I’m building for my job

Is there another solution to get around this as I need to complete step 2 of this Getting an Access Token in order to get the /me Context of the user who just authorized the application. below of app. Here’s a screenshot of url configuration. Please let me know if this correct or not.

Thanks in advance

Hey @rmcbean,

Can you please send me a screenshot of the error you see?

Also what is the name of this app so I can investigate? I don’t see any apps under your email.

Make sure you are also including the redirect url in the step 2 request.


@tommy Hi,
i have same problem - i can’t get Access Token.

here is my url

This is server code

app.get("/oauth", async (req, res) => {
  const { code } = req.query;

  if (!code) {
    return res.status(400).send("Code where not provided");
  const token = Buffer.from(`${Client_ID}:${Client_Secret}`, "utf8").toString(

  const response = await axios
    .post(`https://zoom.us/oauth/token`, null, {
      headers: {
        "Authorization": `Basic ${token}`        
      params: {
        code: code,
        grant_type: "authorization_code",
        redirect_uri: "https://zoomtest.ngrok.io/auth",
    .catch((err) => {

White list urls

and error that i get

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Hey @andrii.vandakurov,

Can you try using the production version of the app (prod client id, secret, and redirect_uri) and let me know if that works?