Help with running the hello world example on android

Zoom Apps Configuration
( Hello world example built with nodejs)
Zoom app with mobile client support enabled

I got to the point where I’m able to install the app on desktop, that’s working fine. However the same app does not load in the android zoom client, I can see the icon and I’m able to click no it. It just opens a blank page, and I don’t see any API requests to my ngrok server as well during this.

A blank screen where the hello world text content was expected

Troubleshooting Routes
Tried installing on a new zoom app, updated mobile client to latest version

How To Reproduce
Setup the hello world example, install it on desktop client. Then login to android client and try to open the application

The problem was with using ngrok, for some reason any content served from ngrok is not shown on mobile web. I got it working by using localtunnel

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Thanks for sharing your findings with the community!