Issues with ngrok


In your guidelines you suggest using ngrok for local development. However, it doesn’t seem to work for me. The website is blocked by the browser… I’m able to turn off the security in Chrome/Edge, but I can’t figure out how to do it for the embedded webview.

Instead of my app, all I’m getting is this text:

You are about to visit ****, served by *****. This website is served for free through You should only visit this website if you trust whoever sent the link to you. (ERR_NGROK_6024)

Is there any way to get around it or some alternative approach to develop locally?

Lots of thanks!

@eugenem , what OS are you using for development?

We recently noticed that there is an issue with ngrok version because of how they enforce security page (browser warning) in their free version.

We are looking for alternative solution. A couple things to note: Zoom App requires valid certificate.

frp, or heroku seems like a good candidates, but we don’t have a finalised recommendation

@evgeny.balashov Windows.

For now I’m using firebase hosting or to quickly deploy my stuff, but due to CORS I can’t call backend. Hopefully we can figure out a better solution, because it’s not the best dev experience to keep deploying all the time :smiley:

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