Help with ZOOM API integration with Powershell


I need some guidance on how the ZOOM API “revoke a User’s SSO token” can be called from a Powershell script. A sample code would be helpful.

We would like to delete the user token so that the user is signed out of the ZOOM Client. Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @kruben,

I would suggest creating a JWT App Type, then using the JWT Token to call the Revoke a Users SSO Token endpoint.

Here is some info on how to call REST APIs with powershell:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for sharing those links. The developer in my team is trying to take the Oauth route and have few questions

  1. how do we pass the user (service account) credentials programmatically to ZOOM in order to generate the “oauth_access_token”
  2. also, is there a user token set somewhere in the API(webpage) that could tell us which user (service account) account has authenticated to portal.

We are stuck at the authentication part which is needed in order to generate the “oauth_access_token” when we put in the CLient ID and Client Secret of the Service account we use to perform the user revocation functionality

Hey @kruben,

I am a little confused about the questions you asked. Can you please clarify or give me examples?

To get an OAuth access token, your application needs to be installed via the install link on your OAuth Apps settings page.

Once installed, use the code in the redirect URL, to request an access token, then use that access token to make requests to the Zoom API.

   "Authorization": "Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

Also checkout the draft OAuth instructions I have written here for step by step examples for OAuth:


I created a Powershell module ( that will do what you are trying to do. It does use JWT however. The function is called Revoke-ZoomUserSsoToken.

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Thanks for sharing @maci01! :slight_smile:

We appreciate you contributing to the Zoom developer community!