Client ID and Secret Key for Powershell script

I am new to the Zoom API, and needs to create some PowerShell scripts for automating user licensing.

As I understand the documentation, first step to create an Oauth app, so I get a Client ID with a secret key generated, for authorization to the REST service.

In the last step in the app creation (Install App), the wizard redirects me to the url I typed for the Oauth redirection.
As this is not intended for a user login, but a central integration script, there is no such url on my side. So the creation fails.

Have I misunderstood the method, or is there way around this.



You need to use JWT authentication for server to server communication (Rest)

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Hey @spo,

Like @avtandil.kikabidze, for Powershell scripts, use a JWT App to generate a JWT Token.