OAuth without Authorization prompt for user credentials

I am trying to build a powershell script to fetch feedback response details from Zoom API on daily basis and perform several actions. The challenge is when I send a request to Authorize endpoint, the response is a HTML page asking for user log-in information.

I have an account level app created and assigned the scope ‘View Dashboard data’. This is an admin scope and I don not want a user prompt to log-in. Basically this would be hands off scheduled script.

How can I achieve this?

Hey @pks, thanks for using Zoom!

We do not allow fully automated scripts to use OAuth. There has to be a user presence to authorize an OAuth App.

Although, you can achieve this using our JWT App Type.

“By creating a JWT app on the Marketplace, you can build a server-server authenticated app which allows users as well as other apps to consume its services.”

Here is how to make a JWT App to call the Zoom APIs.


Thanks Tommy for the info. I will try with JWT.

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You’re welcome!

Let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


I am using JWT now and able access the api successfully.

I have posted another question here Feedback responder info not available in API


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For benefit of anyone who is looking to generate JWT using powershell, below is the link to the function I used.


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Good to hear @pks!

Thanks for posting!