Hide the participant name and email prompt when joining meeting using iOS SDK


Is it possible to automatically set a webinar (or meeting) participant’s name when joining a meeting in the iOS SDK? We want to be able to automatically name webinar participants and have them skip the prompt asking for name and email.

With the WebSDK, it’s possible to skip the prompt asking users to set their name and email within the join() function. We’ve used the below quite extensively and want to replicate the functionality.

          meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
          userName: `(${id}) ${userName}',
          signature: signature,
          apiKey: apiKey,
          userEmail: email,
          passWord: passWord,
          tk: registrantToken,
          success(res) {

It’s not quite clear via the SDK docs or class references whether this is possible.

Hi @jj`

In the SDK Reference - iOS MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam has a userName property that takes a string so it may be possible. Is this what you were referring to that you’ve already referenced?



Yea, that’s what I was referencing but was sure. We can try setting that. What about the email address? That’s also asked in the prompt, but there’s no param specified there.

Hi @jj1 ,

Currently, email is required to join meetings if you require registration for meetings as outlined here.

Does this help clarify things?


The MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam SDK reference for iOS doesn’t show a parameter for email address like the WebSDK’s ZoomMtg.join() function does. See below for what I mean…


My webinars do require registration. I want users to be able to join the Webinar without needing to fill out the default name and email prompt when joining the Zoom. It’s doable in the WebSDK, but is it doable in the iOS SDK?


Hello @jj1 ,

Please try the onSinkJoinWebinarNeedUserNameAndEmailWithCompletion callback method as found in the iOS SDK API reference. If you implement this callback by passing in the username and email into the completion block, you should be able to avoid showing the login UI prompt.


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