High Resolution Meeting Icons

I’m writing a user guide for a client that we built a conference room for. I need some high-resolution icons of the pre-meeting interface that the client sees before starting a meeting.

  • New Meeting
  • Join
  • Phone
  • Share Screen

I found this URL structure on a Google Image Search but couldn’t find all the icons I need: https://assets.zoom.us/images/en-us/desktop/generic/home/new-meeting-button.png. <— This would be the minimum size I’m looking for. I’m hoping for a vector (SVG, EPS) or at least a transparent PNG.

I contacted Zoom customer support and they suggested reaching out on the dev forum. I’m more of a graphic designer than a coder, so go easy on me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Derek,

Did you ever find these? Quite keen to get the ones you mentioned plus the side bar Home, Contacts, Room Controls & Settings.

I’ve got them if you still need

Hey Graham,

That would be superb! Any/all icons from a Zoom Rooms interface would simplify my workflow. Having to extract icons from Zoom product guides isn’t ideal.

I was recently working on another conference system that uses a Yealink CP960 Room Controller. Having the UI from that device (similar screensize to a smartphone) would also be very helpful!

@TwistedG: I’d be delighted if you could share a link to download the high resolution Zoom Rooms graphics. Thanks!