I want to add an icon to the menu


I’m developping Windows application.

Is it possible to add an icon to the conference screen menu and start another program?

Thank you.

Hi @toji,

Thanks for the post. If you are using Zoom default UI, it is not supported to add a new button like the screenshot. If you are using Custom UI, which means you will need to draw all UI on your own, you may define your own button.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson_Chen.

Thank you for your answer.
The quick response was very helpful.

Please tell me one more related question.

If I develop with a custom UI, are there any features that I can’t use compared to the default UI?
Are there any restrictions?

Thank you very much.

Hi @toji,

Thanks for the reply. The Custom UI is a new mode so some of the minor features that might not still not available yet(such as the reaction interfaces). But we are constantly improving and adding new interfaces. Other than this, there are no other restrictions.