Host ability to enable original sound

I host a virtual open mic night, and have ‘toured the world’ playing other folks’ shows.

A common problem we’ve run into as hosts is constantly having to run newcomers through the routine of opening advanced audio settings and activating original sound.

It would be fantastic for us virtual open mic hosts to have the option to toggle a user’s original sound. This would allow us to improve general sound quality of our gigs, and reduce time explaining setups.

If toggling is not an option for some sort of privacy reason, at least it would be great to have an option to see if original sound is activated for users. Then we could know whether we need to request the user to activate it.

It could be included in the menu alongside the ‘mute’ and ‘spotlight’ options.

The inclusion of original sound as an option has been a blessing for us. As a host, I think this is the next logical extension of this feature.