Enabling "original sound" on windows SDK

I need to enable “original sound” feature on a custom UI client using windows SDK. If I understand correctly, there are 3 places where the feature must be enabled:

  1. On the account level via the web setup (Allow users to select original sound in their client settings)
  2. Using the native Zoom client, in the audio settings, advanced → show in meeting option to enable original sound from microphone
  3. After step 2, I can select a source to use as original

Questions are:

  1. Are steps 1 and 2 both required or just one is required? I.e. if I enable the options via web settings (1), do I still need to do the same at client level (2)?

  2. SDK offers the method IAudioSettingContext “EnableMicOriginalInput”. Is this equivalent of step 2 or 3? If it is step 3, how do I select the original sound source like in native client? This method just accepts a boolean.

  3. Is it possible to select original sound source via SDK like it happens in native client?


Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. I have forwarded these questions to the engineering team and gathering the answers. I will reply with the answers shortly.