Sound for host when parcipiant raises hand

Hi there,
would it be possible to incorporate an option to hear a sound (only for host) when an participant raises his/her hand?
Edit: other option / maybe much better:
Play sound to host when all hands are down and the first hand rises. This process has to be restarted every time when all raised hands are taken down.

It should be an elective function, controlled in host’s meeting bar (activatable / deactivatable at any time by host).

That would be really great for long periods of briefing (up to 10 minutes) holded with 2 or more onscreens.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @raphael.fehrmann this is a great idea! Could you submit this directly at ?

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Hi Michael, thanks! Done! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @raphael.fehrmann! :slight_smile: