How and where do we start integration for a Zoom App

I have been scouring the documentation for couple of days. But I still can’t figure out how does one start development on an OAuth type when integrating with Zoom.

For example, many apps on the market place have a view inside the zoom app and a custom siderbar during meetings.
Where and how do we start development to develop an App like this ?

Hi @dev_kd
Thanks for reaching out about Zoom Apps.

Zoom Apps are still under development as we approach general availability for developers. We’re still working on getting ready to make development resources available, and expect to have more updates to share in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, please be sure to subscribe to the Zoom Apps mailing list to receive information on new solutions, documentation, and developer news & events from Zoom.

Zoom Apps mailing list:

You should expect to hear updates shortly, and we hope to release Zoom Apps for general availability for developers very soon.

Hope this helps!

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