Doubt About the functioning of applications published on the Zoom MarketPlace

I would like to know two points.
The first point refers to the functioning of an application published on the zoom marketplace, I mean, if I have a web interface to login and publish the application on zoom, when I need to install and start this Zapps in a zoom call I can accomplish this point ?

Second point, if the starting point is possible, would the publication of this application be through Oauth2.0?

I checked the documentation but I didn’t find this information above, or at least it’s not clear.

I await the disposal

Greeting, @ulisses.mesquita,

Can you clarify whether you are looking to in meeting Zoom App or an OAuth App? If the former, please note, that Zoom Apps have not yet been released for developers, as we’re still working on getting ready to make development resources available. In the meantime, to learn more about Zoom Apps, you may visit the following help documentation links:

Getting started with Zoom Apps:

Frequently asked questions about Zoom Apps:

We hope to release Zoom Apps for general availability for developers very soon. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive information on new solutions, documentation, and developer news & events from Zoom. The mailing list can be found here.

Hello Donte’s, fine?
Perhaps the question seems too silly.

But I would like to express myself like this:
When I publish the Oauth application on Zoom, will I be able to download and use its features using the Zoom Apps concept?
Or not?
I couldn’t find this question anywhere.

That’s why I said maybe it might be too silly

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